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This website promotes the documentary heritage of the Editions PARALIA whose exploitation rights belong to the Centre Français du Littoral.

The site has a home page, a heading Paper editions concerning the publication of books and section of dynamic pages giving access to all the Editions online.

Paper Editions are intended for the publication of research and development works in the field of coastal engineering related to civil engineering. It is intended for the publication of books, monographs, maps, theses and collective works.

In the online Editions one can find:

  • The Revue Paralia which is a multilingual online journal. It is an electronic format scientific journal in the field of coastal engineering and integrated coastal zone management.
  • The online edition of the communications of the Journées Nationales Génie Côtier-Génie Civil® (National days of Coastal Engineering-Civil Engineering), which aims to strengthen the scientific impact of this event. It includes, over the period 1990-2014, 982 papers in pdf format. Since 2010, the Pierre GUEVEL emergence prize is awarded by the ACRI Company to a young researcher to recognize the excellence of a paper presented during these biennial events. Two new prizes have been instituted in 2014: the Senior ACRI award and the Jean CREPEY award created by the CFL to recognize the work of a young researcher in the field of applied oceanology.
  • The Coastal and Maritime Mediterranean Conference. This section contains 233 communications presented during editions 1, 2 and 3 of this event.

There is also an Internet forum in this website.


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Website description
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